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Welcome to Gift of Dance!  Durbanville's versatile Dance studio! 


Before it was Gift of Dance, Ruley Bartie successfully ran Ruley school of Dance for several years in Durbanville in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.  


Amanda Klotz moved to Cape Town from Canada in 2006 and began teaching for Ruley in 2007.  

In 2010 when Ruley decided she was nearly ready to retire, Amanda gradually began to take over the dance school and it officially became “Gift of Dance” in 2011.  Now in 2023 Caitlin Mackay will be taking the reins as the new studio owner of Gift of Dance! 


Everyone who chooses to embrace it has been blessed with "the Gift Of Dance"! 

The goal of our dance studio is to tap into that GIFT and expose dancers at an early age to as many unique opportunities as possible to "enhance the dance" in each and every dancer. We believe the Gift has been given to share, and to be a blessing to others.  We also believe that every single experience, from classes, to workshops, to performances, competitions etc… make a dancer better.  So the more experiences they have the more opportunity to improve and grow, and learn. 

We take part in Competitions and Exams and have performed regularly at various events and venues like Ratanga Junction, the Artscape Theatre, The Baxter Theatre, CTICC, Hillsong Church and many more! Dancers have achieved their WP and SA colours for Hip Hop on various occasions. 


Gift of dance has 2 divisions.  We have our competition division and then, everything else! 

This includes – Technique classes, Eisteddfod choreography, Exam work, and concert choreography.  


Classes in 2023 will be taught by Caitlin, Shameelah, Jaime, Adrienne and Carlé.  Please check out the TEACHERS tab for their bios and headshots. 

***FYI - In the event that a teacher is away/sick a suitable replacement or one of the assistant teachers will step in.  However, we do recommend that parents check their emails before dropping off their children at the dance venue each week in case of any emergency where it is too late to organize a replacement teacher.  It can be far too time consuming to phone/sms each parent so an email would be sent in such an instance.  This is advised in order to avoid dropping off kids with no supervision. 


There are occasionally workshops held with guest teachers including INTERNATIONAL choreographers from all over the world!  Check out our website gallery for a few pics from past workshops with PARRIS GOEBEL and the Royal Family, IAN EASTWOOD, JUSTINE RICO, Justin Bieber's choreographer NICK DE MOURA and dancers JONATHAN RABON, SHAUN EVARISTO, JOHNNY ERASME, as well as Janet Jackson/Rihanna's dancer WHYLEY YOSHIMURA, and our returning choreographer the amazing GUS BEMBERY (Shakira/Missy Elliott, Edge Performing arts Center).  We have also had incredible contemporary workshops with world renowned JOSHUA BEAMISH (New York City Ballet, Broadway Dance Centre), and a tap workshop with the incomparable MEGAN ROSENBERG.  Not to mention the many wonderful local teachers/choreographers we've had the privilege of working with! 


In such instances it is Gift of Dance policy that all pupils attend these workshops which encourages growth and versatility and prepares them for working with choreographers in the professional world of dance (whether or not they are working to continue that far).  We believe the exposure our dancers get to these workshops are a big part of what sets GIFT OF DANCE apart from the other studios. 


Please make sure to read our "Policies" page under the Info tab - for further info when registering at Gift of Dance!  


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