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Please note the following policies that parents and dancers agree to upon registering at Gift of Dance

- Gift of dance, and any of their instructors, teachers or substitute/guest teachers are not responsible for any injury/loss of life/loss of property that pupils/parents may suffer on or off the dance school’s premises for any reason.

- Dancing is a physical activity and if a pupil incurs any future health/medical problems due to this activity, Gift of dance and it’s instructors cannot be held responsible.

- Parents are responsible for organizing their child’s transport to and from classes, and Gift of dance or any of its instructors are not expected to arrive early before classes, or wait for a child’s lift to arrive after classes.

- Right of admission to classes is reserved and if for any reason (such as misbehavior) a child is asked to leave a class by an instructor, this is to be accepted without any refund of fees paid.

- If a pupil decides to stop dancing, the parent must give written notice and will pay a full month's fees from date of written notice. In the event written notice is given mid-month, the remainder of that month PLUS a full months fees will be due.  

- Classes may be cancelled due to emergencies and rescheduled and/or venue may be changed at any given time, although cancelled classes will be made up before the end of the year at the teacher’s convenience.

- There are no refunds if a pupil changes his/her mind after enrolling at Gift of Dance.

- Classes may need to be taught by a student teacher or substitute teacher if the designated teacher is sick/away on business/holiday etc., without notice.

- Some of the teachers at Gift of Dance are also professional dancers/choreographers and will from time to time book other dance related work.  This should be seen as a privilege by parents and pupils, as professional work done by their teachers opens up new networking possibilities for the pupils potential dance careers. In such instances substitute teeachers/student teachers may teach classes as stated above.

- If a class is to take part in performances/exams/shows, it is the teacher’s discretion whether or not each pupil is performance ready and whether or not to include him/her in the event.

- Pupils are expected to practice at home and know the work learned in class, and also to wear the prescribed uniform for classes and costumes for shows. These will be additional expenses, above and beyond the monthly tuition fees.

- There will be exams for the ballet students and a concert at the end of the year and all pupils are expected to participate. 

- Pupils are expected to attend all workshops hosted by the dance school wherever possible. 

- Pupils are to get permission to attend any outside workshops/events in case of conflict of interest. 

- Pupils are discouraged to take any discipline that is offered at Gift of dance, at another dance studio as it creates conflict of interest.

- Upon signing the registration form, pupils and parents give Gift Of Dance permission to use enrolled pupils' images whether in photographs or videos on social media and for advertising purposes.  These images may be used even after the child has left Gift Of Dance. 

- Those transferring from another studio are required to give their notice in writing including paying all overdue fees and any required cancellation fees as deemed necessary by their old studio.  If it comes to light there are fees outstanding at their old studio, their tuition at Gift Of Dance will be suspended until those fees are settled.  

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